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Helen Keenan

Hi Everyone,

My name is Helen. I live in Utah, U.S.A. I am married, happily, now for 37 years and I am 68 years of age.

I am both a U.S. Air Force and U.S. Army Veteran. My husband and I met in the Army!

I have been trying affiliate/network marketing now for several years and it hasn't worked out for me until now. All it has done to this point is cost me thousands of $$$. I know I am not the only one to have lost a very lot of money. I may be, however, one of the few who will not stay down. I keep getting up and going back for more and I'm very glad I have been doing that. It is finally paying off for me!

are not people who
Never Fail
but people who
Never Quit”

I wish you all very good luck in whatever you choose to do!

jeffrey siewert

Hi I'm Jeff from Las Vegas and i have been in the internet marketing business for over five years. I work full time in the casino industry and my hobbies are making money on the internet and raising lovebirds.
Eugene Uchuvatkin

Personal Blog
The Lucky One
john worsham

The Blesses One
Lothel Jefferson

I have been marketing online since retirement from the public school system.
I am enjoying the great opportunities that I have found through advertising
and I love the signups and sales I get as a result! I highly recommend
joining the sites by Dawud Islam.
Jaouad Lazibi

Welcome, my name is Jaouad Lazibi
I have been online from 2008 and have been making money online since. I love recruiting other internet marketers into good business that can both allow them to earn an extra income online and I also encourage them to join business such as EAE which can be used to support their other business online and supply quality traffic to their business and programmes.
Eddie Wilson

Personal Blog
I have been doing internet marketing for several years. I have seen programs come and go. Just keep working it and you will be rewarded. I am a founding member in many traffic sites. Hope you have a great day.

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